Northern Light : Thor Picture

* Thor, also called Punor, Thunaer, Donar. The God of Thunder, Son of Odin, Wielder of the Mighty Mjolnir, The Protector, The Mighty Oak, the most popular Deity to the Germanic people and especially farmers.

Thor owns the hammer Mjolnir (which means Crusher), made by two dwarves forced to a bet by Loki. When thrown at a target, Mjolnir returns magically back to his owner.
Thor was once outwitted by a giant king.
The king, using his magic, tricked Thor. Thor was challenged to a drinking contest, and could not empty a horn which was filled not with mead but was connected to the ocean. This action started the tidal changes. Afterwards in another challenge set by the king, Thor wrestled an old woman, who was Old Age, something no one could beat, to one knee. Thor left humiliated, but was heartened later when he met a messager who told him that he had in fact performed great feats worthy of a powerful warrior god for doing as well as he did with those challenges.
There are many stories about Thor, unfortunately there is not enough room here to list them all. Whenever the Aesir found themselves in trouble or tricked by Loki once again, Thor was there to protect them and Asgard.
Our Thursday is in fact Thors Day and was a holy day until christianization.

May the light of the ancient gods shine on you....
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