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You have made Freya angry.

This was a very, very bad idea.

This is my Freya, from Eggs Butter Sugar and Disaster. =3
I think her cloak fell off in her rage... or I'm lazy. You decide.

In Norse mythology, Freya is the goddess of Love (romantic sex to be more accurate) and also of War and Death.

Freya has several artefacts to call her own... the beautiful Brisingamen necklace(shown here as a choker), a falcon cloak (it changes the wearer into a falcon), her war-boar Hildisvini and a chariot pulled by two giant cats.

There are many, many stories relating to Freya and she is greatly admired.

Freya leads the valkyries into battle; her hall, Sessrymnir is where half the einherjar go, as well as women (the other half go to a hall you will have heard of, Valhalla - the hall of Odin).

Freya and her twin brother Frey are members of the Vanir tribe. They came to Asgard after the war between the Vanir and the Aesir.

Two of my favourite stories about Freya are basically about how awesome she is.

In one, a Jotunn, Hrungnir, finds himself in Asgard and gets drunk... he boasts that he will kill all the gods, except for Sif and Freya who he will keep as his brides.
Freya is the only one brave enough to bring him more alcohol.
..of course, the gods get bored of his boasting and call Thor, who is a great giant-killer.

The other story also concerns Thor and a Jotunn intent on taking Freya as his bride. The giant Thrym steals Thor's hammer Mjollnir and declares that he shan't return it until Freya is delivered to him as his bride. Rather foolishly, Loki tells Freya that she should put on a bridal dress and ride to Jontunheim at once. LOL NO.
Freya is FURIOUS. So furious in fact, that the very halls of the gods shake with her anger! You do not mess with Freya.
The solution they come to is to dress Thor as Freya and then retrieve the hammer at the right time. Thanks to a bunch of excuses by Loki for the bride's odd behaviour -that would make a fabulous sitcom scene - the plan is successful.

Anyways =3

Freya is not a goddess to be messed with =3

If anyone has any stories of goddess Freya you think I haven't heard, I'd love to hear them =3 Please correct me if I made mistakes, too!

Freya / Eggs Butter Sugar and Disaster (c) Alicia L. Wright(me) and Tannbourne Ltd
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