Loki Sleipnir Motherhood Picture

Felt like doing something from Norse myth so I chose Loki (the trickster god) with his son Sleipnir (the eight-legged foal)

The myth goes that an unnamed builder offered to build the gods a fortification to help keep out invaders. For this he wanted the goddess Freyja, the sun and the moon. After some debate the gods agree, but with restrictions. He can have help from no man and has to be finished in three seasons.

The builder asks only that he have help from his stallion Svaðilfari and thanks to Loki's schemes this is allowed.

With his horse's help, the builder is able to be almost finished withen three days of the three season deadline. The gods now frantic find out like most of their troubles, Loki was the cause of this one. They say Loki will suffer a terrible death if something is not done.

But Loki, now scared for his life, vows he will think of something to make the builders forfeit his payment. Later that night he transforms into a mare in heat and lures the stallion away.

After some 'interactions' Loki then gives birth eleven months later to a colt with eight legs. (Sleipnir)

So here Loki is just a few hours after giving birth, which is why he looks half dead and slightly crazy. He'll need a long soak in a hot springs and a loooooooooong nap after this.

Poor Sleipnir, he looks so confused.
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