Skadi -DONE- Picture

i understand her hair is lighter than the last upload. lighting issues and whatnot.

meet Skadi.
(loosely based on the Norse goddess of winter and the hunt. a character for the Avengers. mmhmm.)

Family - her father, the giant Thiasse.
(Human) Alias - Skadi Thiasson
Race - Giantess
Residence - Scandinavia (she is not a god, thus doesn't live in Asgard. moved to Scandinavia after relationship troubles.)
Powers - superhuman durability and speed, ice-imbued arrows, ground where she steps turns to ice (when her power allows it). her natural size is... pretty damn giant, but since traveling to Earth, she's downsized to a 5'2 girl. just so not to freak the humans out ^^'

Backstory Schitt - i wanted to stay very close to her original story from mythology. her father stole Idun and her magic apples, which led Thor to kill him. this angered Skadi and she ventured to Asgard to ask for compensation. when she got there, she commanded Odin to repay her. Odin agreed, because even though Thiasse's death was justified, she became an orphan. for her repayment, she asked for a husband whom she would choose from one of them, and for someone to make her laugh, for she was terribly sad since her father died. the gods agreed, but put a twist on it. she could choose her husband from the group only by looking at everyones feet.
she wanted Balder. ooooh, she thought Balder was hot stuff, but it turns out she picked Njord, the oldest one. she was heartbroken, but her sadness didnt last long. Loki burst in on a old nanny goat and played such naughty pranks that her and all the gods burst into laughter.

so.... after that little event, she went to live with Njord in the sea. but she HATED that. they didnt like each other at ALL, so she just up and left one day.
that was when she traveled down to Earth and roamed the mountains of Scandinavia.

Personality - shes really stubborn and blunt, with an inextinguishable fighting spirit, a trait you might find in a 5'2 giantess. despite her superhuman status, she has adapted to Earth well, over time. her favorite pastimes are skiing through snowstorms, hunting with a bow, and talking to the animals of the mountains. surprisingly, she is interested in modern technology, and likes to listen to music.
despite hearing about his evil deeds, she always was a little grateful to Loki for making her spirits lift.

other than that, she kinda just roams around.
oh well. thats life~

thanks for reading this long-ass description.
and thanks for looking~
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