Loki's three faces Picture

Dark form the Angrboda, boundary form the Loptr and Sigyn the light form.

According to some version, Loki turned into a she-wolf to bear children, and in the form of giantess Angrboda he bore the wolf Fenrir. The fact that Loki can artfully change his identity and play himself like a perfect actor got me on the idea that together with the old giantess Angrboda and his wife Sigyn they are same person all three. It might be that two of them represent two of Loki's sides: light and dark. Angrboda which name means "the one who brings grief", the evil witch who dwells in the Ironwood she bears many giants for sons. And as it said in Poetic Edda Loki is the procreator of giantesses and witches, because he himself is a giant and a witch who practices "seidr", women’s magic (Seiðr's practitioners were of both genders, although females are more widely attested, but in practicing magic they brought a social taboo, known as ergi which literally means unmanly, and in figurative sense “a passive homosexual”). So that in Lokasenna Odin condemns Loki as “ergi”, while Loki feedbacks with a clue that Odin also practiced "seidr".
It is important to note that Loki is associated with femininity and a feminine figure. Loki is Aesir by status and Jotunn by blood and as well as both male by his nature and female by ability to get pregnant bear and give birth. His femininity is not just a disguise, as he has given birth many times.
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