Loki with Jormungandr Picture

Somethig I've told before and some new information too:
"I heard a theory that Jotunheim isn’t only a place in Sagas, it has actually been a real place and that that place is called Finland today. The name Jotunheim comes from its first king, Fornjoth, “The Old Jotun” or “The Ancient Giant”, whose people were called Jotuns. Fornjoth had three sons: Hler (also known as Aegir or in Finland, as Väinämöinen), Kare (Ilmarinen in Finland) and Logi (in Finland he was called Liekkö or even Liekki, which means flame in Finnish - or Lemminkäinen). Logi has also mentioned in a list of later kings of Finland, but one theory tells that he went to Northern Norway and established a kingdom there."
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