SteampunkMythology-Hel Picture

(Forgive the slight blurryness, still no scanner, just photocamera X_x )

[...]With the aid of the cunning giantess Angrboda Loki brought the most odd creatures into the world: The wolf Fenrir and the giant serpernt Jörmungandr ;both gigantic, steam-powered, semi-magical beasts; were already bad enough and should later bring much grief to the gods. But of all the things Loki and the giantess created together, Hel stood out even to her siblings: Being the only actual child of Angrboda and Loki, the trickster saved her life as it seemed she'd die right after birth by recreating half her body as a clockwork-based machine, that yet, with the aid of the thought-to-be-forgotten magic, works just as if the girl would have been born with it. With this, Loki also brought magic back into the world, ringing in a new age.[...]


Not seen on the drawing:
The runes on the scrollcontainer spelling out -coming attractions-
Her two awesome blunderbuss
Her little Nidhoggr


Stockreference used:
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