Planet Froyuic, the Peaceful Giant. Picture

When colonisation began on the outer rim planets, humans first discovered Froyuic, an ice giant of a planet, with a small grey inhabitable moon. Froyuic was in the goldilocks zone, making it a perfect first colony.

When scouting teams made their descent, they were prepared for blizzards, storms and frozen landscapes. To their amazement, they were greeted by luscious landscapes, mountains coated in snow but not frozen, lakes running, teeming with alien looking fish. The trees looked very similar to pine trees back on Earth, but the main difference was that they bark was bobbled, little bumps going up and down the trunk, all the way to the tip at the top.

As the Scouting teams surveyed more of the terrain, they found out that this planet was actually inhabited already. Tall muscular humanoid figures, four arms, two legs, their heads connected to their torso instead of neck. Their lifestyle were strangely similar to Norse mythology, their homes resided above small cliffs, clouds forming around at the edge of said cliffs, giving their villages a sense of magical energy. Even their homes screamed Norse, dragon shaped effigies, runes, campfires and roasting spits.

The team were careful to engage, not wanting to start killing this peaceful (from what they had seen) race. The Froyuns were cautious of these strange travellers that they had seen descend from the stars in their strange metal colossus, but they were more interested in them then wanting to wield them as trophies.

Both parties began talking in signs, neither able to understand the other, but certain gestures were understood, like bowing, saluting, questioning and head-butting, which was the Froyun way of agreeing to things.
Scout Chief Gerard Larn received a major headache after finally agreeing to a truce between the two races.

As the colony of humans began stationing their tools and materials on the planet's surface, vid logs and pictures of Norse legends and mythology was shown to the Froyuns, who in turn presented the Humans with sentimental runic objects, tablets that contained the history of their people for centuries. Both parties were amazed at how similar their mythos had been.

Sixty Years Later.

Froyuns and Humans still live amongst one another on planet Froyuic, trade routes had been established with neighbouring Froyun villages, excavations had begun for minerals, materials and the unknown, hoping to help further each races understanding of the Froyun past, and the Norse Mythology back on Earth.

Main Cities/Villages

Froyun - Vorauin Nautyr (Vorauin - Village)

Human - Aesir


Animals from Earth were introduced to Froyuic's ecosystem via DNA tubes transported from Earth:
Polar Bears, Grizzly Bears, Many different birds native to the Netherlands. And Mice of many types.

Animals native to Froyuic:

Gundur Bear (About roughly half the size of a Grizzly and sporting two tusks under the jaw)

Ougiz Eagles (Has four wings instead of two, and the beak is bright orange with white flares)

Nyran Whales (Twice the size of a Blue Whale and appears to have several fins to help the beast glide through the oceans. It's mouth seems to contain tendrils that aid the creature in eating, what the science team can only confirm as 'alien krill')

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