NirVanA Bestiary: 03 Picture

i think i'm gonna take a break from the bestiary soon, but for now two more! whoooooooo...
the Roc:
originally from Arabian mythology... it is an enormous bird of prey; able to lift giant animals and carry then to it's nest where it devours them... legendary, powerful and deadly... in NirVanA, it terrorizes a nearby city by it's nest... it also has the ability to understand human speech in all languages... it only appears in the first installment, but it's hatch lings invade the same city in the second...
the Yuki-onna:
a spirit in japanese folklore... she is a tall, beautiful woman who appears in snowy nights... although she may seem innocent, she is a ruthless killer; more or less like a succubus in which it steals the victim's life force... she is basically the same in NirVanA, but instead is the great grandmother of evangeline who died in a snowstorm... she appears in the first and second installment, while protecting her great granddaughter...
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