Speedpaint Palug Doodle Picture

Reference used: [link]

Was working on improving my cat-ness, so I drew Caelum Sky's resident cat demon! yay! Cath Palug here is a monsterous tiger-cat of sorts with venty/ sorta open, hollow eyes- He doesn't see terribly well, and he's somewhat patched together as a spirit. In the bright light, he's essentially blind.

2 hour Doodle

Cath Palug is folklore about a giant cat that slinks around town eating guards--- also with some affinity for water after being thrown in it . It's somewhat obscure, but he makes a great house-maid for the rest of the demons living in a run-down, dilapidated estate. Palug is the first demon that Neri meets, and is surprisingly well spoken and kind. At least for the first book.

Read the full up-to-date version here: [link] Palug comes in chapter 9, and chapter 19- 24
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