Norseland Wraith Picture

So here is my submission for the Mythology contest... Gyllenmyr the fallen Valkyrie.

She is taken from Norse Myth, and the bestial characteristic of the Norse were preserved in this illustration.

She was unfaithful to her duty as carrier of the Einherjar, and thus was punished accordingly:

She was ripped midways , and what was left of her was stitched to her steed, her entrails tied upon the horse's back. Her right hand was hacked off, and there at her wrist was attached the whole arm of a slain frost giant.
Upon her eternal suffering, her new duty was appointed: to scour the battlefield of the rest(those unworthy of being Einherjar), and feed upon them.
She has been seen to prowl the blood-soaked lands, with a heap of disemboweled remains and implements of war shuffling at her steed's feet, as if they were tied with strings.
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