The Battle of Aillen Picture

This is a depiction of the start of the battle of Áillen. It depicts Fionn MacCumhal standing before the mighty Áillen. Áillen is a member of the sidh- the faerie. He is sometimes depicted as a dragon when referring to the battle. However dragons are rarely- if at all- mentioned in Irish mythology. No, he was a faerie, a giant ass kicking, conniving and brutal faerie, like a lot of them in the older mythologies. He breathed fire and could lull all of Tara to sleep with his song. Fionn is holding an enchanted spear which- for my comic and version of the events- was enchanted by a druid he knew- my character, see battle pic, later. The spear is all that could destroy Áillen, and if Fionn did destroy him, he could become the leader of the Fianna. The rest, as we say is history. Look out for more along these lines.
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