Prince of Frost Picture

Please ignore how lazy ass the background and the random lines on him are okay?<3
Anyhow, I'm quite in love with this one, as I am quite in love with Jotun!Loki. Well, how he would've been if Odin never snatched him as a child. I know the grassy landscape isn't quite his natural habitat, but it looked good there around him.
So I'm finally starting to realize how I should draw with my tablet without it looking like shit, and that makes me very extremely happy.
I have no idea how the lines on his skin are supposed to be, so please bear with my loss of creativity there^^

Oh right, love to random crappy mushrooms 8D

Aaaaaaand I won't put up all of the pictures I draw here, so you can follow my tumblr if you want to see more^^ - [link]

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