Abduction of Idunn Picture

…at the appointed time Loki lured Idunn out of Ásgard into a certain wood, saying that he had found such apples as would seem to her of great virtue, and prayed that she would have her apples with her and compare them with these. Then Thjazi the giant came there in his eagle’s plumage and took Idunn and flew away with her, off into Thrymheimr to his abode.

The third and final piece to add to my small body of work that is a celebration ofGolden Age story book illustration (with norse mythology as my subject). This is the abduction if Idunn, the goddess whose apples suply all other gods with eternal youth. Like the Murder of Baldr, Loki did not directly kidnap Idunn (nor murder Baldr, technically) but I wanted to have him being direct again. He was greatly responsible for both events in the mythos.

All three pieces can be found here. <-(reblog on tumblr)

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