Ice giant transformation Loki Picture

This is a present for you all to apologize for my lack of updates and lack of getting stuff done, and total lack of avengers related art... I haven't been feeling the greatest over the past while, so I haven't been able to do as much. Please accept this simple animation as an appetizer for later submissions.

This looks amazingly unlike Tom, considering the references I used. I'm sorry I fail a bit. Tom's very pretty and I'll have to draw him properly sometime, instead of a character he plays. Please don't judge my artistic skills based on this... at least wait till the next animation... or a painting... I might have to do a painting since Loki seems to be the flavour of the year as far as fan-girls are concerned.

Anybody watch the old avengers cartoon? Does that explain anything of this to you?

I'd explain myself... but, whatever... It changes colours and looks nifty, like it.

I thought the change in his character design was nifty, and it always seemed an interesting duplicity to me... ice giant, fire god...

So here it is, all shiny, as promised... and damn, need a preview...

I don't mean to sound so tired and uninterested in communicating, normally I'd be full of stuff to say, and explaining and... stuff. but I'm tired and it's late, mostly I'm posting this -now- because I said a would days ago.

Be proud of me and enjoy it... and know that I am working on another animation, no promises on the ETA... but I wanted to do something to prove I could do a full proper animation, so that's in the works.

in total it took me about 10 hours... photo shop and beneton gif animator.

I had a whole bunch of Avengers sketches to scan for you, of everyone... but I've actually lost them... somewhere... I even drew Phil, and Jane's dad... and they were good T_T


And now that I've slept...

I always thought it was kind of telling that Loki never uses his powers as an ice giant, even once he knows he can and goes all destructive. It kind of says he really kind of feels ashamed of it, because the ice giants abandoned him (movie plot), and his whole society (Asgard) holds them in contempt as monstrous. It's one of those subtle things they did to lend the character a lot of depth, but that they never really directly address or get into, they don't need to, of course.

In the myths though, it always confused me. Ice giants have all these incredible powers, usually shown to be far stronger and more able than the gods. But Loki, alternately referred to as lopt, and laufyson, was always Thor's travel companion, and saved him as often as endangering him for the most part... more like a real brother, but they never explain why Loki hangs out with the Asgardians instead of the other ice giants... unless it's as simple as wanting to screw with their heads... The movie plot and comics make some sense of this at least.

Also the old avengers cartoon... EYELINER-OF-VILLANY!! if that's a better explanation...

While this borrows heavily from the movie incarnation, some of the traits were tweaked towards the cartoon, especially, for the ice giant character design, which is what I was making a comment on earlier.

Every other time through the animation, he makes one expression while changing blue, and one expression as an "ice giant"

... because he's the littlest ice giant.... *LOL*. ...I'm sorry...


I keep making edits here because I changed the preview image, but as it has the same name, it is neglecting to show the change.

I should also mention I'm not likely to be online again for a while, while I'm at it...

Also... *all the stuff I'll realize I should have said later when I'm at home again and trying to sleep*

Oh! yeah... and let me mock Tom Hiddleston's remembering of the myths... Because I have to, sorry.

Tom, the apples and the horse were two separate stories, both good ones, and Loki turned himself into a mare, and got pregnant... but you're adorable, and mythology makes no sense anyways, so no one cares if you don't remember... except the highly neurotic.

The ETA, BTW is a week.

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