Northern Light : Loki Picture

(originally posted March, 19th, 2008 )

* The trickster, contriver of all fraud, shape-changer, Sky Walker, Wizard of lies, father (and mother !) of many beasts like Sleipnir, the eight-legged steed of Odin and the wolf Fenris, the Midgard Serpent and also Hel.

Many stories have been told about Loki. Amongst the best known he shows many facettes of his nature. He tricked the unnamed giant who built the walls around Asgard out of being paid for his work by distracting his horse while disguised as a mare, thereby he became the mother of Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir
In another myth, after Thor threatened to crush all his bones for cutting off Sif's hair, Loki pits the dwarves against each other in a gifting contest. The dwarves make Odin's spear, Freyr's ship and Sif's new hair. He even rescues Idunn after he gave her to a giant, but only after being cornered and threatened with death by the gods. Finally, Loki manages, with Thor at his side, to retrieve Mjolnir after the giant Prymr secretly steals it, in order to ask for Freyja as a bride in exchange.
Even though Loki may have been a liability to the gods, his pranks ultimately provided them with all their most precious items, from Thor's hammer to the flying ships.
Disguised as a giantess, Loki arranged the murder of Baldur. He used mistletoe, the only plant which had not sworn never to harm Baldur, and made a dart of it, which he tricked Baldur's blind brother Hoor into throwing at Baldur, thereby killing him.
Following that, in the shape of a witch, he was the only being that refused to weep for Baldur, preventing the defunct god's return from Hel. *
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