god of the four winds Picture

air colossus

inspired by greek drama masks. it got away from there. pity. still satisfied, because i was aiming for non-anthropomorphic and non-animalistic, purely elemental.

an empty plain, scattered with giant sculptured masks, swept up by a thunderstorm/tornado thingie.
four faces of the wind, twisting and turning, personfications of the four winds (geek "anemoi"):

boreas, the icy north wind
notus, the hot south wind, destroyer of crops
eurus, the unlucky east wind
zephyr, the messenger of spring and bringer of thunderstorms.

p.s.: me? submitting game art? i wasn't just seduced by the nice prices, but actually got inspired by the contest. had loads of ideas, but not enough time to paint them.
a giant black death rat, a genetic experiment escaped (life)...
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