Tunupa Picture

Hi there guys! A ilustration i done time ago in a livestream, based in a myth from los Andes: Tunupa. Wanna know more?

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The andean world was in chaos, the power of nature ran out of control. Tunupa was the one who put the order in a very ancient time. On his pilgrimage, Tunupa went from the highest mountain on the altiplanic lands of los Andes in a pilgrimage to the coast, as a traveling deity who civilized the towns where he rached, preaching restles among humans, teaching them the "reason" about the things and enlightening them in wisdom. It his told that he had dominance and control over the power of the volcanoes and the sky blue fire: the lighting, wich punish evil human beings turning them in the basic form of a stone. He was also able to sink towns in the waters or melt mountains as butter, making rains of fire. however, Tunupa became a martyr of his own cause, when he was captured, tied to a raft and thrown into Titicaca lake, where he was swallowed by the earth. He is also known for his one name, Tarapaca. In the northern region of Chile, carved in the earth, remains a giant figure of Tunupa/Tarapaca, that remaind us his time on this land.

based on this image:
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