Crypto mammals Picture

People, if I ever get the numbers wrong, please tell me, it happens kinda often and I wouldn\'t like to be around the 700s for someone to tell me I made a mistake back at the 300s, i wouldn\'t fix that anyway, so lets just be careful.
Mammals, interpretations of already existing mythologycal mammals ... in most cases.

239) Katoblepo: To look downwards. This creature\'s breath is poisonous becouse of it only feeds on poisonous plants, fortunately its head is so heavy it is always looking downwards.

240) Arthropoceros: A beast with movile horns that it can wield independently from one another as deadly weapons.

241) Erimantos: A giant babirusa with reiforced hide.

242) Sedna hound: A powerful marine beast with the tail and tusks of a walrus and the body and head of a giant dog.

243) Tuurngaq: Giant undergroud behemoth probably based on missinterpretations of mammoth remains.
Actually tuurngait are some sort of demons in Inuit mythology, but ... ok forget it.

244) Bonasus: It\'s a bull that shoots bolts of burning dung at things, fun ain\'t it? It has to defend itself somehow, right? and those horns wouldn\'t do the job.

245) Plain runner: When thinking about how to make an animal that looked faster than a cheetah, I couln\'t think of anything better than that ugly triangular head.

246) Amam: Half crocodile half lion ... yea technically this one is not 100% mammal, man I was short of ideas that day.

247) Bahemuth: Giant quadruped.... sort of mythycal hippopotamus ... thing.
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