Loki - Supercilious Trickster Picture


Here I display the work that is responsible for making me a recluse for so long. LOL Yeah, yeah, I know, it is a little late for Avengers fan art right? Some might say that the fan base for Loki might have even died down a bit. But honestly, is it even possible for Loki's admirers to diminish? So, as a testament to how alive our reverence is for our favorite god of mischief, here is my Loki illustration based off his Avengers appearance!

Loki is a fictional supervillain who appears in the Marvel comic books. This particular rendition of Loki is based off Tom Hiddleston's performance in the action packed movie The Avengers. I do not own any rights to Loki or the Marvel franchise whatsoever. All rights are exclusively reserved to their respective owners. I hope everybody enjoys viewing.

Tools used to create this piece:
1.) Adobe Photoshop Elements Nine
2.) Wacom Tablet

Credit to the references I used:
1.) www.deviantart.com/art/Loki-5-…
2.) www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3-F19…

The image resolution of my master copy is an enormous 3900 pixels by 4364 pixels. I resized the artwork to be significantly smaller for the viewing ease of mobile devices.

I seriously appreciate everyone who has come to observe my artwork here and, if you can spare the time, I humbly recommend that you check out my gallery if you haven't already. You most certainly won't be let down. Oh, and I'm kind of still behind on my replies in my inbox due to my internet being down so I'm disabling the comments here so I can get caught up with them again. So I'll be back soon. I'm caught up with working on my next piece right now that is of another notorious villain Aizen Sōsuke from Bleach.

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