Thor Picture

Hello, I'm Danish so I kinda grew up with Norse Mythology as a part of my culture and identity.
To see Marvel and Hollywood buttfuck this part of my culture really bothered me.
I haaaaaaate the Marvel Thor and the Marvel Loki and the Marvel "Giants" (suchs a poor word for what we call them in Scandinavia). Everything is so wroooong...

It would be the same to many Americans if we made a movie about Jesus wearing skintight leather suits and speaking German or Russian.

I know many of my fellow Scandinavians are totally okay with Marvel's take on Norse Mythology, but to me it was too much to see this mockery of Thor running around looking like a retarded bimbo with wings on his helmet.
Seriously what the fuck?

So yeah... in Denmark we have this wonderful guy called Peter Madsen who made a comic series based on Norse Mythology and it was actually respectful to the source material. It's called Valhalla and covers many of the old stories from the mythology so not only is it funny and entertaining, it's educational too.
I know it's possible to find the english translation on the internet so if you're interested in reading comics about Norse Mythology that's actually intelligent, you will be able to find it.
Also, there was a movie made back in the 80's in Peter Madsen's style:…

I knew one of the animators once and it was clear to me how much love everyone involved with Valhalla had for the project.

I'm not exactly proud that the Marvel Thor makes me so angry, but I just can't help it.
I needed to make Peter Madsen's Thor kick Marvel Thor's ass.
I mean... at least Peter Madsen got Thor's hair color right! Wtf Marvel??
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