Hel and Her Brothers Picture

Me having fun with Norse Mythology. A nice family portrait, hehe.

In Norse Myth the Fire God Loki (the trickster) and the Frost Giantess (enemy to the gods) Angrboda have three monstrous offspring. When the Gods discovered Loki's mistress and children they captured and punished them. The mother and children wait for their revenge on the day of Ragnarok, when the Frost Giants will kill the Gods.

The three children are:

Hel: A rotting girl who was banished by Odin to "the world under all worlds'. Here she waits for her revenge, gathering an army of the unworthy dead.

Fenrir: Is a wolf destined to bring about Odin's death. He is captured and chained to the God Kings throne so that Odin can always keep an eye on him.

Jormungand: A serpent who Odin threw into the sea where he crashed threw the ice and sank to the endless depths.
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