Giant Monsters A Go-Go Cover Art 1 Picture

"Giant Monsters A Go-Go, Issue One" is a collaborative comic book done with friend Hawanja ([link]), and that we'll be selling at Am2Con 2012, this upcoming July 15-17 ([link]).

My twelve-page short "The Life and Death of Talos the Bronze" has finally been colored, and parried up with Hawanja's ten-page short "Icronus vs. Pazuzar", along with some filler art.

The three title giants are featured on the cover art shown above, with Talos the Bronze hanging in the background, standing next to the cycloptic alien Icronus. While in the foreground stands the villainous colossal Caiman Pazuzar.

And sample pages of the "Talos" comic can be viewed in the following.

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