Mistel Picture

this is a character for a winter game i proposed at the studio i intern at. they said it was too big to try and finish for this winter, so someday i'd like to make it on my own.

her name is Mistel, a green fairy in a world sort of based off old northern european mythology. Father Frost's evil brother, Jotun, has stolen the light fairies that keep the earth warm from his kingdom. The entire kingdom and its inhabitants freeze over right before the winter festival. Father Frost asks tiny Mistel to save the light fairies from captivity and bring the weather back to normal before the winter festival.

Mistel's name comes from an old english wording of 'mistletoe', one of the few deciduous green plants that can bloom and survive during the cold winter season.

it'd be a sidescroller adventure , like 1 giant world that you can access more of gradually as you get more abilities from each light fairy. anyway yeah enough of that
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