Thunderbird Picture


To the Wakiya of the Lakota people and those of the tribes--

The beast from whom lightning sparks from his eyes and his wingbeats slapping with the bang of thunder--

Lightning curling from his horns and the snakes he carries with him over the skies--

As he passes through the clouds, pulling them together with his mighty wings...


I've been doing some off-the-wing studies on cryptids lately, giants, ufos, whatever. But I remembered the compelling stories of the 'Thunderbird,' particularly by stumbling upon a random article with one of the much-circulated images of the 'Thunderbird Pteranodon' shot by some western rangers and by the Civil War soldiers - both of which are said to be hoaxes.

But, in reality, the only thing that comes second to the Quran and dragons that invokes such powerful imagery in my head is none save for the exciting stories of the many-coloured eagle with lightning in his eyes and thunder in his wingbeats.
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