The Story of Thor and Thyrm Picture

So I completely forgot I had drawn this. It was done for a school project some months ago.

This is a scene from the Norse myth of Thor and the giant Thyrm (I think that was his name.) Here's the gist of the story, there might be some mistakes since it's been a while since I read it:

Basically, the giant Thyrm somehow got a hold of Thor's hammer and demands the goddess Freya in exchange. Freya is like "hell no," so Loki gets this brilliant idea. He and Thor dress up, where Loki is some kind of maid/assistant thing and Thor dresses up as Freya, wearing her necklace and clothing.

So they go to the Giant's...home? And Thor starts eating/getting drunk and the giant is wtf-ing. So Loki whispers to him excuses, like "Freya" hasn't been able to eat due to her extreme desire to see the giant, hence the great appetite.

Eventually Thyrm brings out the hammer and Thor kills everyone and the two gods go home.

You can't even make this poo-poo up. Seriously. Norse mythology =
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