Freed Picture

Finally done, I've spent too much time on this, I hate the pic, I hate snakes, I hate water, I hate everything.

So Loki with his dear son, Jorgi....(Jörmungandr, the world serpent) .
I was actually kind of influenced by Runemarks series of Joanne Harris when I've created his look, I don't know if you know it but they're damn good books, go read them.

If you're not aware who Loki is, please read the related wikipedia article and if it's tl;dr for you, he's Fárbauti's (daddy) and Laufey's (mummy) son, a frost giant and/or a god.

According to Norse mythology, he's hated by everyone who counts, in the beginning for no apparent reason, but after that he really makes sure to give a reason for that.

He gets locked up and chained to a rock with his son, Jörmungandr, who is the world serpent, a big-ass snake.
The snake gets captured because it's too big and would eat up all the worlds and shit, and since it's a venomous snake, they use him to punish Loki by letting the venom drop on him, eating his body up all the way like acid.

But since Loki is a god, he can't die, even though his body suffers.
Later he'll get freed by his other son, Fenris wolf, who is also captured in an unknown place by Loki but this is not an important information right now.

You can find most of the making on my livestream [link], except today's work, which was a lot of progress, sorry, didn't want to get distracted anymore.

Also yup, it's the year of snake and I drew a snake for the first drawing of the year. I didn't even notice until I was mid- drawing....
Edit Added details omg. Yay.
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