THOR:: Loki Laufeyson Picture

This is for a giant Art collab with =mintwinter

Well... the rules are flat coloured so this is too much shading... so they will get another version of this picture >___>
(*never can decide if she should write brit. eng. colour amer. eng. color*....)

yeah... amour... lol... I drew it a lil wrong - xD Whatever, close enough =3=

Loki Laufeyson © the movie THOR, Marvel and the Norse Mythology
ART © *Pelissa Shieva

Also on tumblr: [link]

Don't steal or use without premission~
Seriously, don't post it on any site without premission of mine.
The pic is not suppossed to be on Zero-chan and pixiv!!! I have my own accounts on those pages: zero-chan: PeliShevi, pixiv: PelissaShieva

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