Speaking With a Giant Bear Picture

Giant bears. They play in and out in some of my stories and the 'mythologies' behind them. This one is a "Great" that's why she's so much larger then other ones that have shown up in my work. I have a lot of associations with dreams and mystery with them, along with forces of nature, and the dichotomy of it's ability to create & sustain life and to annihilate it. Other than that I really don't have a handle one what they really mean or do, and at this point I think to define it would be to limit it.

The composition began as a little sketch done in November 2010, and I took it and gave it new lines and color and everything. There was another sketch I did nearby that I made into a picture shortly after, which is this one here --> seyorrol.deviantart.com/art/Co…
They're a good showing of what 3 years has done for my work!
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