Xana Picture

Media: Mechanical Pencil blue lead. Post-edition with PSCS3

Today I got a quite lovely request. I didn't get asked to draw anybody's character (thank goodness) but something related to my culture. It really made my day, I think it's such a beautiful thing to ask. I'm moved (it may seem a bit overreacted, but I'm really that emotive XD)

So I decided to draw something based in the mythology of my homeland, Asturias, in the northwest of Spain. It was once a celtic nation so it may have resemblances with other celtic myths.

The Xanas (les xanes, in asturian) are minor goddesses, sometimes considered fairies, that live near rivers and fountains of pure water. They're said to be inmensely beautiful and are frequently seen combing their long blond hair . They possess treasures that hid under water and may offer them to the men to gain some favours.
But these ladies are not exactly good, they can enchant people.
Xanas are protected by a giant winged snake called cuélebre, whose scales are really thick, so it's impossible to harm them. The only way to kill them is give them for meal red-hot stones or bread filled with pins.
They live in caves and near water ponds, also guarding treasures.
It's also said that cuélebres are in fact xanas under an enchantment.

So, now you have a different vision of Spain, it's not all bullfighting and flamenco XD

¡Qué bonita ye la mi tierra! 8D
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