My Australian mythology comic Picture

At long last it's ready. My weird Australian mythology comic. Seven pages in full color! Yay!

Translation from Finnish

Page 1:
"Look at that lovely pile of rocks!"
"Yes. It is."
"It's so warm! I wish it would always be like this in our country too!"
After many hours:
"Oh! It's late! We should probably go to sleep."
" last."'
"Make room!"
"Where are the bandaids?"
"There's atrange sounds coming from outside and I can't sleep. Besides the stories in this book are making me restless."
Remember. Our ancestors walked on these lands thousands of years ago during the Dreamtime when the world was created. So be careful."

Page 2:
Pöps pöps!
"Wake up! Do you hear that strange noice!?"

Page 3:
"Good evening. My name is Bobbi-bobbi and I'm here to help you to catch the flying foxes!"
"Yes. Bats! Those over there!"

Page 4:
After few hundred meters:
"A-am I dreaming? Is there really a giant snake after us?"
"No! No I'm not! There! It's looking for us still. Some spirit of an ancestor!"
*cough* "Bobbi-bobbi snake is known as the inventor of the boomrang among the native Australians. Boomerang is a very important weapon so Bobbi-bobbi is greatly respected."

Page 5:
"Alright. But why was that book in your hat?"
"Uhm...just in case..."
After a small argument the girls decide to honor the ancestor.
"Now I'll give you a good weapon!"
"Here: A boomerang! I made it from my own rib!"
"Try it!"
*Where does a snake have ribs?*

Page 6:
"Great! My work here is now done! Have a great appetite!"
"A real ancestor! Wasn't that wonderful?"
"I wonder what can be cooked from this?"
"Hm! I'm going to bed now. At last!"

Page 7:
"Was it a dream or was it real?"
"You can't believe it, but there was a bat grilling recipe in this book too!"
"Ehh...No thanks. I think I'll pass."
"What a strange book. I wonder what else it says...?"
Because the boomerang was used wrongly Bobbi-bobbi became angry and ate two people.
"What are you doing?"
*Nice boomerang...let auntie clean you a bit!*
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