Olympus Inc page 10 Picture

oh my tsubasa/xxxholic like crossover batman! I sorry little-kitty-chan!!!! I couldn't help it!!! (but we don' really have to incorporate the main charictor from O. inc with SB because Hermaphroditus destiny could be something different lol )well I guess in away I updated bolth storys ^_^;

lol the main charictor is only in like two panels he seems kind of randomly in there but I felt like since he was the main charictor he should be in some of it ^_^; so lets say there neighbors....

lol I was so done mentally by now this page is kinda crapy lol but I'll fix it (I hope)


next (by the super amazing little kitty)

and here is a link for anyone interested in reading Shojo
which is now the story of Hermaphroditus!

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