Strangely Holy Picture

Hey guys. It's bee awhile, hasn't it? I haven't uploaded something in forever and a day, and Ganymede has been sorely ignored lately. Honestly, he'd probably still not be on the top of my to-draw list ,but I recently found a male model who looks quite a bit like this boy, and creepin' on his images has inspired my to work with Ganymede some more. the models name is Andrej Pejic, and he's beautiful. my favorite form of beauty has always been the kind that blurs the line between masculine and feminine, so of course a man with such a pretty face would interest me.

anyway ,about the picture itself. this was just something that i was doodling (the pose is based on a photo of that very model, actually), and I found it funny that Ganymede was turning out to look a bit like the Madonna. Oddly, I still like it. his smirk still manages to shine through.

also, there was totally more shading on the hair then that. My scanner hates my guts.
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