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Ganymede is named after the youth from Greek mythology. He is the former member of the Astromafia. He quit in order to keep his brother's family safe. Despite how he is dressed, he isn't that skilled in hand to hand combat or violence. He wears that fighter outfit to trick others into thinking he is a dangerous gangster. He may dress like a gangster but he is actually very harmless and timid. The reason why he is defenseless is because when he was a little boy, he and his brother lost their parents in and earthquake and got seperated from each other and their siblings, suffer post tramatic stress disorder.. He used to have a crush on the godfather of the gang name Astro but since he is straight, he then met White Fang, who is attracted to Ganymede's innocence and body.

Ganymede is now a member of the Verde gang. Although the training he recieved didn't make him grow buff, he did grew some strength. His weapon of choice is a hammer.

Name : Ganymede
Nickname : Gany (White Fang, or the Dim wit gang)
Species : Human
Height : 5'5"
Age : 18
Sex : Male
Personality : Timid, usually quiet, gets easily startled, gentle
Nationality : Dinosaurian
Parents : Deceased
Sibs : Reevo (There might be other sibs still missing)
Sexuality : Homosexual
Boy/Girlfriend; Crushes : White Fang Astro (former crush)
Best Friend[s] : White Fang, Dime and the gang
Likes : His brother, the color blue, helping people, being alone sometimes but can hang out with other people if he feels unsafe, peace, anything cute and cuddly or pretty (like bunnies, flowers or butterflies), White Fang
Dislikes : fighting for dumb reasons, being picked on, getting startled, harming any living thing, eating meat
Fears : Big mean people, earthquakes
Powers : none
Groups : Verde gang
Alliance : good
Occupation : Verde Rookie
Weapon: a giant hammer
Status : Living, Mortal

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