Ganymede Picture

-AsIGetAllGangstaAboutIt- Anyway, this is a picture of me dressed for my role as Rosalind as Ganymede for our Matrix rendition of a play by William Shakespeare called 'As You Like It.'

This was of course a video for our English final. In the story though, the chick I play, Rosalind, is banished along with her cousin & loyal friend celia, and so they go out to the forrest of Arden where they disguise themselves, Celia as a shepardess named Aliena ...because she is so alienated... and Rosalind dresses as a man, Ganymede. Which Dot DOt DOT the name Ganymede comes from the greek mythology of the boy Ganymede who is taken by Zues to be his lover as well as cupbearer for the gods. Anyway, this name is appropriate because while Rosalind is dressed as a man, she meets up with Orlando - the man she loves - and acts as Rosalind though he believes she is Ganymede, and so, through most of this play, a guy is wooing this other guy and it's kind of weird because... we know he's a she and I dunno Orlando treats Ganymede like a girl but she doesn't look like one..

I dunno, I would explain more, but the play is just so messed up it's really hard to explain and I really don't think anyone is interested in reading all that. And if you are, you're better off just reading the play. So yeah.
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