Aequor Seisui Picture

I didn't have a good last name, leave me alone TTnTT
Edit: I LIED C:

Your name is AEQUOR SEISUI. You are ADORABLE and really SWEET. You don't much like being a seadweller because you have a knack for building ROBOTS. You spend countless hours playing nonstop with your lusus, and you spend pretty much all your time around your "sibling". You're not sure what that means, but all you know is that you love her like a MOIRAIL.
You HATE being on any land other than where your hive is located because of a TRAUMATIZING experience you had. You found a troll BLEEDING TO DEATH, and being as sweet as you are, saved her life by bringing her back to your hive and pretty much turning her INTO a robot. She's the troll that is your moirail. In fact, she's sitting right across from you now, and you two are playing GO FISH. You love this game.

Blood color: Purple
Lusus: Some sort of...sea mouse?
Sign: Aquarius
Age: 6 sweeps
Gender: Male
Dreamer: Prospit
Trolltag: majesticDolphin
Quirk: In real life you have a listhp stho you write it out. You use capitalization but no commasth.
Ancestor: The Merciful
Strife specibi: Brassknucklekind
Fetch modus: Undetermined
Title: Spark of Storm

- ♥ -
- ♦ - Kindle Recnac (deceased[?])
- ♣ -
- ♠ -

Aequor- means 'the sea' in latin~
Seisui- "holy water" in Japanese. According to Greek mythology, Ganymede, the son of Tros (King of Troy) was the beloved cup bearer of the gods, so it is reference to the water Ganymede served. <3
(So glad I changed his last name from Waters. XD)
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