Hebe Picture

EDIT: Darkened her eyes as was suggested by ~joshine96

What is this? A submission? Are you dreaming? No, dear deviant, you are not.

I sincerely apologize for not having uploaded anything for so long, it's that blasted comic's fault. Today I felt like taking a break from it and so I finished a lineart I had lying around of Hebe.

It's odd, I doodle Hebe (Goddess of youth and cupbearer of Hera) and her counterpart Ganymedes (Immortal human and cupbearer of Zeus) so often, but I hardly have anything finished or uploaded about them. I'm hoping to fix that soon, they are one of my favourite couples to doodle C:

The image on the pottery is actually strongly based on an existing one, I just changed the images to suit the appearance of my Gods. It shows Hera on the left and Hebe on the right. This is the original: [link]

Art and characters (c) *TheDutchesse

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