Aphrodite and the Erotes Picture

This drawing started off as just a random nudie sketch of Aphrodite, but I found myself deciding to draw in her attendants, the Erotes--the gods of the various aspects of love. ("Hula" brushes by Deyla. Heart pattern by NYCGraphix. All other patterns are my own.) Starting at the far right:

Hedylogos is the god of sweet-talk, flattery, and flirtation. Aphrodite found this talkative little guy in her rose garden, and took him in. His parents are unknown, but it's not an unsafe assumption to think that he's a long-lost son of Hermes--god of eloquence, as well as deception--and perhaps one of the Musoi--the goddesses of the arts.

Aphrodite, obviously, is the voluptuous goddess with the punny hairdo. She's the goddess of lust, passion, and beauty. She's married to Hephaestus--the eccentric genius, handicapable, craftsman god of fire--but she married him for the jewelry, and she isn't known for being faithful.

Hermaphroditos was the first-born child of Hermes and Aphrodite. Being both male and female, (s)he's the god of transgenderism, and anywhere else where the gender lines blur.

The little blond guy in the lower-left corner is Pothos, the god of longing. He's the son of Zephyros--gentle god of the West wind--and Iris--the messenger goddess of the rainbow. He's a mooneyed milksop.

Ganymedes is the only one here besides Aphrodite who's actually standing on the ground. His wings are fake; he only wears them to fit in with the other Erotes. Ganny was born as a mortal prince of Troy, but Zeus took a fancy to him, and carried him off to Olympus. In addition to his job as Olympus' barkeep, he works as one of the Erotes, as the god of homosexuality.

Hymenaios, in the red tux, is the god of the wedding ceremony. That is to say, the god of the wedding song. He also performs at birthdays. Son of Apollon--god of music--and Kalliope--goddess of epics.

The little guy in the pinstripes with the cigar is Eros, Aphrodite's firstborn son, by Ares--god of war. Eros is the instigator of lovey feelings, either by causing romantic desire, or its opposite. He's more famously known by his Latin name, Cupid. He's married to Psykhe, the goddess of the soul.

Anteros, in the upper left, is Eros' younger (full) brother. He's the god of reciprocated love, and the avenger of unrequited love.

Finally, Himeros, in the pink pinstriped suit, is the other younger brother of Eros and Anteros. He's the god of desire.

...So, you're upset with the quality of your love life? Blame these guys.
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