A moment Picture

So, this is the colored version of what i uploaded yesterday (? i think?).This is also the closest I've ever come to drawing a couple making out...because they're totally about to make out. there's no way around it. I'm sorry, but it's true.

So, i did a mini rant about how Zagreus and Ganymede got together yesterday(?) in the line, so I'll rant about them as a couple this time.

Again, they were kind of tossed together and fell in love while Zag was trying to teach Ganymede that ' you don't HAVE to dress like a prostitute...' and various other things about the world. they have a fairly balanced relationship, and they both spend a LOT of time at home, which is kind of how they bonded in the first place. Zagreus has a few small jobs around the Underworld, and Ganymede works with a the Constellation's Council, being the lead of Aquarius and all. They have a small area of the Underworld that was given to them by Persephone, and it's a large field. They happily live together in the quiet, away from the hectic life of the Hades family. Zag is also one of the few children of Hades who is considered an actual relative of his, the others being Charon and Hades and Persephone's great-grand Children, Felix, Beatrice, Lucy, and Pax. though the last four were sort of picked up by Persephone when their parents did something really stupid.

well, yeah. I'm done ranting. that became ore about Zagreus then them as a couple, didn't it?
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