Ganymede Picture

watercolor, ink, colored pencil, acrylic

Yaaaaayyyy! the last picture for the scholarship is done. Now all I have to do is get them sent out to get turned into slides, write two essays, get a letter of recommendation, ask for and check over my transcript, and send it all off. Oh, and do my other homework. But that can wait.

I'm actually reeeaaaaly worried about my transcript. My grades are good and everything, but due to our schools new attendance policy I have almost no credits for the classes I've taken this year. To get the credits I have to justify my absences, submit a load of paperwork to a review board, and hope. which wouldn't be bad, except their decision won't come back until after the scholarship is due. I don't want SVA seeing the no-credit next to my grades and deciding I'm not going to graduate or something. If they ask my school, the official response (and the headings on all the paperwork) is that I've had excessive absences. Not to impressive to colleges. Which is totally unfair--I only have one unexcused absence. The other four are excused as either school sponsored or due to illness.

Aaarrrgghhh! It makes me want to tear my hair out. Or tear out someone else's hair. Preferably the people who came up with the policy.
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