Gods of the Ancient K'hyurbhis (2) Picture

And here's part 2, since the full napkin was juuuust a bit too big to fit in my scanner without anything getting cut off.

Oddly enough, these two actually go WAY back compared to the other two I posted. I first made up and drew Mozzu back in 1997 or 1998, and he actually started out as an early attempt to come up with gods for a K'hyurbhi religion. Strangely, I didn't end up adding him into the current version of said K'hyurbhi religion until... today. XD The character who eventually developed into Zhingaru is about the same age, maybe slightly younger, though he's gone through a name-change since then (originally he was known as "the Great Thingaroo." Yeah... XD)

Design-wise, Mozzu... has lost a neck and gained more elaborate-looking armor, and that's about it. Zhingaru on the other hand used to have even more tentacles, and before 2000 or so he was never actually described at all so I have no idea what my original intent for his (well, actually "the Great Thingaroo's") appearance was.


In the now-defunct ancient K'hyurbhi religion, Zhingaru was the god of Kihlah. Basically, he was the origin of the Kihlah energy that all K'hyurbhis (and some other species) have within them, eventually deciding to share that power with others after spending several centuries back in the beginning hoarding it all for himself. Depictions of him are somewhat inconsistent, some giving him a tentacled body (like what's shown here) and others using the name "Zhingaru" for a floating island where one or more of the gods lived, rather than a specific individual. The most common version of his story is that Zhingaru is the name of both the tentacled one-eyed guy *and* his island.

The Hamhu version makes Zhingaru out to be one of the highest gods, and also changes his story a bit--rather than giving Kihlah to various species just for the sake of sharing his gift, the Hamhu believe he only gave it to K'hyurbhis, and the reason he gave it to them was for the purpose of having a secret weapon to fight off Numnums and other threats. The Hamhu believe that anyone other than a K'hyurbhi who uses Kihlah must have somehow "stolen" it from its rightful K'hyurbhi owner, or that they have somehow figured out a way to use some kind of "fake Kihlah" instead. They also believe that Zhingaru is one of the gods most likely to rescue one from Lahnan after death, carrying them away to his floating island to live instead.


Mozzu was the god of war, and sometimes seen as the god of metal and stone as well. He is consistently depicted as having dark red, bumpy skin, wearing extremely heavy gray armor over most of his body, and wielding an enormous spiked mace. Millions of years ago, before the K'hyurbhis developed any degree of scientific understanding, minor earthquakes were thought to be caused by Mozzu's footsteps and thunder was the sound of him flinging his mace to strike some unknown enemy in the clouds.

Unlike the other three deities previously mentioned, Mozzu isn't really altered much (if at all) by the more recent Hamhu version of the old K'hyurbhi religion.
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