A bunch of my aliens Picture

In my spare time I like make up random monsters and creatures, frequently aliens. Here is a bunch of quick-sketched aliens I have made up that I will definitely be using in future projects of mine.

Top to bottom, left to right

Average height: 5-6 feet for female, 5-7 feet for male

The phixel are tall mammals resembling anthropomorphic cats with great bird wings, they have a strong though odd sense of honor, for example they consider lying a crime that is punishable by death and yet they have no problems with enslaving others, they also detest shields and similar items preferring to rely on their swords and light armor for defense. They are famous for being effective swordsman in an age of lasers and other weapons that you would think would render the classic blade useless. Phixels are capable of flight with their wings and while they cannot fly very fast they are very graceful and capable of skilled maneuvers. Also, The females are well known for their great beauty and extremely large breasts.

Average height: 6-7 feet tall for both male and female

The Edrano are amongst the most friendly and courteous beings in the galaxy, they are unmatched diplomats being able to completely unify their home world at the Bronze Age.
They also have great eyesight, being able to rotate their eyeballs in all directions and some learn how to contort their eyestalks so that they may see farther distances, handy considering most binoculars and eye wear are out of the question for them. Unfortunately the edrano’s peaceful demeanor made them prime prey for the more wicked races, for over six hundred years they were enslaved by the Klezin, who very easily took over the edrano home world when a klezin general politely asked an edrano general if he may see the switch for the antimatter missile launcher. The edrano were later liberated by the jeradby. They have since learned to be more assertive and are now proficient fighters, one thing that helps is that their absurd politeness carries on into combat, the constant battle cries of “Excuse me” and “Sorry about that” tends to grate on the enemy’s nerves most commonly causing enemy soldiers to lose their patience and furiously charge at the edrano only to be gunned down.

Average height: length of body is usually 5-6 feet, the shell is generally as large if not larger than the body

Look up the word "miser" on Galactic Wikipedia and you'll find a link the the Gyortis article, needless so say the gyortis live for material possessions and business. They are unmatched miners due to their immunity to poisonous gases, great physical strength, and being able to shrug off cave ins thanks to their shells and taste for rocks. Their tentacle-hands are boneless so they can
reach in all directions and a accident to the hand is easily fixed sense there are no bones to break and they grow back when severed. The gyortis have developed infamy for their stinginess and uncanny bartering ability, despite this however the gyortis are still considered the best race to trade with thanks to one thing: honesty. The closest thing the overgrown snails have to a religious dogma are the Tablets of Yud, the greatest gyortis ruler. Emperor Yud got his position not by election or royal right, but by buying every single company that the gyortis had, essentially a worldwide monopoly. Thankfully Yud was a humble soul so all the money he made was gotten by handwork and honest trading, when he became the leader he chiseled rules oof trading fairness for his people to follow and tell to future generations and "other races if we are lucky enough to master space travel"; to clarify Yud ruled in the gyortis age that is the equivalent of the 1700's. These tablets were made of diamondite, a powerful mineral 1000X harder than diamonds on earth, so they are still around and haven't been weathered whatsoever. Long story short: the gyortis are greedy but honorable traders. They also love salty food ironically.

Average height: 2-3 feet for both male and female

Minuscule creatures who have no ears at birth, for eons the obton lived without a sense of hearing. That changed when they met the benevolent tairook, who created special hearing aids so that the obton could finally hear. Since then, these hearing aids are connected to he heads of a obton as soon as they are old enough to support them, usually around a year or two after birth. Even before they could hear, the obtons were the ultimate rouges, being able to sneak up to a sleeping Karshan (a large rhino-like quadruped infamous for its ferocity and surliness), shear off all its fur, skin it, tear of its nose-horn, and clip its toenails all without the creature waking up or drawing the attention of the birds perching on it. After the tai rook gifted them with hearing, the obton became even greater thieves. The tai rook tried to teach the obton that stealing was wrong when they uplifted them, but it was too late. The average obton is most likely a criminal wanted in several systems for grand theft, so if your walking down the street and you see an obton walking towards you, get as far away from it as possible since even if you keep a tight clasp on your valuables, the obton will still be able to take it without you noticing. Another good solution is just threaten the obton with physical harm just as your walking up it, they are notorious for being cowards when the odds aren't in their favor. More moral obton still live a life of stealing, but they only steal what they need, plus many will get involved in movements to take riches from powerful and greedy kingpins and give it to the less fortunate.

Average height: 8-10 feet for male, 10-12 feet for female

Another race uplifted by the tairook, unlike the obton the goglol are respectable, kindly, and stupid. As a whole, the goglol embody the classic gentle giant, they only do harm when their friends and family in danger and are ridiculously friendly. Despite their low intelligence, goglol are amazing at figuring out how to use weapons, gadget, and vehicles thousands of years ahead of their original stone age technology. The tairook who discovered the goglol generally say "The goglol aren't creative or innovative, but their ability to problem solve and adapt is incredible. When we found them the goglol were just pointed sticks, but hand a goglol a plasma rifle and he or she will be able to master it in just a day!". Aa stated before the goglol are generally gentle and jovial, however if a goglol is born and raised on a planet other than the goglol home world then they grow to become bitter, violent, and cruel. It is unknown what causes this to happen, though needless to say the goglol try to have births on their original home world no matter how far it is.

Average height: 4-5 for male, 4 feet for female

These canines are the greatest scientists in the galaxy, the jeradby were able to invent (in exact order) gunpowder, the engine, the wheel, the lightbulb, the telephone, the TV, the computer, and the fax machine in less than a year after being created. The have developed a sort of natural haughtiness when it comes to intelligence, but event their most bitter critics can't argue against the fact that the jeradby are utterly brilliant thinkers and researchers. The jeradby themselves cannot argue against the fact that they are also very foolish however, they are very much the classic absent minded scientist; often finding a impractical solution to a simple problem and asking all the wrong questions. They are also infamous for the formation of the organization known as Paragon, a group of jeradby that experiment with both technology and magic. Many travesties have happened because of Paragon, from the formation of portals to Hell itself opening to turning whole planets into wheat bread. It must be said that Paragon isn't evil, just really really dumb in terms of common sense and also too stubborn, even after the jeradby government denounced them and legally shut them down, the scientists of Paragon still carry out their experiments in secret.

Average height: 5-6 feet for male and female

he Brint are three-legged adrenaline junkies obsessed with speed. They are notorious for doing things more dangerously then necessary, so much so that the Galactic Dictionary has a brint picture next to the word “reckless”. This obsession with speed is because of a famous story in their mythology; brint legend states that a great brint scientist constructed a powerful vehicle to win the heart of a princess, ignoring the warnings from his family that the resulting invention could be too powerful. It was described being able to travel faster than a space craft in hyperspace, the story ends with the inventor giving a demonstration, promptly losing control of his invention in the process and accidently exiting the universe. The average brint believes this story without question, though no modern brint scientists have tried to replicate the legendary gadget mostly since the moral of the story is “Don’t bite off more than you can chew”. Most non-brint believe the story to be just a fairy tale, citing the impossibility of an iron age scientist making something that trumps all space craft of today. That said many also think that the brint scientist may not just existed but may have actually been a magician, his space craft not being a true spaceship but a vehicle enchanted from top to bottom with glyphs and runes. Considering its easy to accidentally poke a hole through time and space with powerful magic, the theory has a lot of merit.

Average height: 12-18 feet with male, 13-20 feet for female

The Izarik are, in respectful terms, revolting jerks that enjoy inflicting pain. They have no scruples or moral code and are particularly infamous for engaging in the cannibalism of other races, they also have two mouths that are able to speak at once, usually when excited or angry, creating a very unnerving echo-like effect. It has been confirmed that most Izarik are Agoraphobic (fear of wide-open areas), seeing that their ships are very tight with little open space and all of their cities are underground connected by narrow tunnels this is an easy conclusion to come by.

Average height: 2-4 feet for both male and female

The long-tailed Tairook are probably the most powerful magicians in existence, they well-known for being compassionate nomads that wander the galaxy to help other race, however they weren't always so nice... Thousands of Years ago the tairook exterminated entire races during their days as an unstoppable empire that controlled a huge chunk of the universe with an iron fist. Somehow though, the original tairook empire was devastated and countless tairook were killed, today they are now very few in number but no less powerful. Though most alien races today are still terrified of them, the tairook have become extremely pacifistic and kind; clearly they’ve learned from the mistakes of their ancestors. The biggest question people ask about the tairook is: what caused the destruction of the original tairook empire? Scholars have studied several books on tairook history, many written by the tairook themselves, and can find no mention on what caused such an impossibly strong empire, one that spanned almost a million galaxies without falter, to fall apart in less than a day!

Average height: 4-6 feet tall for female, 4-7 feet tall for male

The Stuled are cockroach people of great intelligence and cleverness, they are also super athletic and can climb on smooth walls with ease. These skills are generally wasted sadly since almost all Stuled get involved in organized crime. They have their own mafia that spans over a hundred systems, they often serve evil beings as thieves and assassins, and are the main importers of the dangerous drug: rale. They are universally hated for their sleazy dealings, sadistic tendencies, and extremely selfish mentalities; even super friendly races like the goglol, tairook, and edrano have a hard time talking to stuled without getting disgusted and cross. The stuled have unique eyes that change color depending on their mood, notably the eye’s colors do not reflect the moods that most beings associate for them. For example: when a stuled’s eyes are red that does not mean that they are annoyed or angry, it instead means the stuled is happy and/or relaxed.

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