Name: Duke Harper (Formerly Daniel Holland)
Birthday: October 28th
Age: 28 years old
Gender: Male

Pokemon: #019- Rattata
Type: Normal
Height/Weight: 6"2' / 149lbs
Nature: Bashful- Likes to thrash about
Ability: Run Away
Quick Attack
Tail Whip
Focus Energy

Most of the time Duke is a shy, quiet little Rattata; however when he opens up he will be able to speak his mind and often will. He will always stand up for others if they are being harassed or bullied, but could never stand up for himself. He is trusting and forgiving, even after everything that happened in his past. He's also very superstitious and believes in all manner of things. He doesn't mind the occasional joke about it, but he can get a little sensitive after a while. Duke doesn't like to talk about the scars on his face, and doesn't even really like it being mentioned. He'll usually just ignore questions about it, or change the subject, but if he's pestered about it he will become flustered and walk off, claiming he's very busy today. Easily embarrassed and quick to blush.

- Friendly people
- Compliments
- Cleaning things
- Clean environments
- Nice smells
- Romance novels
- Romantic stuff
- Sour and/or sweet food

- Fires
- Rumours
- Large, open spaces
- Dirty things
- Dirty environments
- Not-so-pleasant smells
- Mirrors
- Spicy food
- People staring at his face and/or scars
- Haunter's and other Ghost types

Job: Adept Paramedic

Every town has its secrets, Quartz was no different. It was a quiet town on a small, little known island near the edge of a large forest, locally named the Black Forest. There were rumours about Black Forest, rumours about a terrible Pokemon waiting in the dark; waiting for their next meal. It was said that if you walk ten paces off the winding path facing north at 8 o'clock you could see them. Ghostly figures with glowing eyes and hands, but no legs or arms. Of course, nobody really believed these rumours; who would believe that floating heads lived in the forest? Preposterous, it's like saying water flows uphill. However, there were a small precent of people whom did believe, including none other than our protagonist: Duke. Although, back then he wasn't known as "Duke Harper", instead he went by his birth name, his real name; "Daniel Holland".

Daniel was a timid little boy, constantly being bullies by other students, both young and old, for his beliefs. But he didn't care what they thought, he was free to believe whatever he wanted to. Unfortunately this left him with few friends, and he often wondered what it'd be like to be popular, to be loved by everyone, to have a girlfriend. He was sixteen and he hadn't even kissed a girl yet. He was often found in the back of the classroom, dreaming of a live where nobody cared he believed in ghosts and mythology. It was during one of these daydreams that he was approached by a particular popular kid and their gang. His name was Rick, a devil of a boy whom was famous for the humiliating pranks he loved to play on unsuspecting students. He offered Daniel a deal: if he could prove the ghosts in Black Forest were real, he could join his crew and become popular. That word, those three syllables were the only thing he heard. If he became popular, maybe his life would turn around, he could get a proper job, a girlfriend, a bigger apartment; the fact that Rick was so obviously lying hadn't even registered in his mind as it started racing through the possibilities. He agreed straight away, his voice full of hope and delight; he couldn't wait.

That night, the two went up to the winding path and faced north. Daniel took in a shaky breath, he had only read about what was supposed to happen when someone did this, he never dreamed he'd be stupid enough to do it himself. Nobody has ever seen them, so why would he be the first? Why was he even trying? Oh yeah, that's right: to become popular. Taking a quick glance at Rick he counted the steps aloud as he walked off the path. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Shaking slightly from nerves, he waited.

He waited and waited; he stood there for what felt like a good hour or two, but still nothing. Just as he was about to give up, a shadow darted amongst the trees. Taking a closer look he could see more shadows, creeping further into the woods. He had to go tell Rick, the rumours were true! But as he was about to leave he saw something peculiar. It seemed like one of them was beckoning him to come with them. He shouldn't; but them again, nobody has really seen these creatures before. What if they only come once a year? Or once a century! This could be the chance of a lifetime! Picking up his lantern he ventured deeper into the woodland, following the mysterious guide. Soon he couldn't see the path anymore. He asked where they were going, but received no answer. The shadowy being stopped abruptly and turned to Daniel, ginning menacingly. It was then that Daniel was suddenly aware of the amount of eyes that were on him; soulless, glowing eyes. He began to panic as the thought "maybe the reason nobody has seen them is because nobody has lived to tell the tale" rushed through his mind. He flinched as the being reached out a hand to him. He closed his eyes and told himself it was just a dream, but the pain told him otherwise; a bubbling, searing pain on the right side of his face. Daniel screamed out in pain, but there was no one around to hear his cries as more hands joined the first's; he blacked out soon after.

When he began to wake up he thought it had just been a nightmare, but the pain soon confirmed the truth. Apparently he hadn't been as far away from the village as he thought he had been, people arrived soon after his scream. Had he been any further away he mightn't have survived. Nobody saw what had attacked him, but they did see the burns; ugly claw shaped burns. No fire could make marks like that. After that, everyone believed the rumours.

The next five years consisted mainly of surgeries, physiotherapy, and skin graphs before he was finally deemed able to go back home again; but he was never the same, nothing was. People staring at him in the streets, friends avoiding eye contact and speeding past him, whispers behind his back; talk of cults, demons. It came to the point where he couldn't take it anymore. Daniel locked himself away in his apartment, crying himself to sleep every night; he just wanted his life back, to be normal again! Was that too much to ask?

He dragged himself to the mirror in the bathroom. Even after countless skin graphs, they still looked the same; ugly pink burns. There were so many of them; on his arms, his legs, his chest, even his back, but the one on his face was the worst. The others he could cover, pretend they weren't even there, but he couldn't hide his face. You could see it through his hair, you could see it though make-up. It just sat there, staring at him; taunting him. It had tainted his maroon eye, turned it pale and golden; he hated it. He wanted to cry, but he had no tears left. "This is your fault," he told the burns, "it's your fault everybody hates me; they think I'm a monster."

"And you're just going to believe them?" His reflection replied in a snarky voice. Wait, did his reflection just speak to him? Maybe it was the lack of food, or the fact he hadn't talked to real person for weeks, but it seemed like the mirror really was talking to him. "Come on, mate; do you really believe them? You know what happened back there, not them. You're not a demon, not possessed, and certainly not sent here to eat little kids; you were attacked. You're a victim, not a monster."

His, strangely Australian, doppelganger was right; he was a victim, why should he be treated like a monster. "But what can I do?" He asked himself; he must be crazy, talking to himself, but he didn't have much of a choice at the moment: nobody else would talk to him.

"Well, if nobody here accepts you, go somewhere else. Somewhere far, far away where nobody knows you. Change your name, your identity; everything!"

Daniel thought about it for a moment, could he really do that? Could he really move away; become another person? It's not like anyone would notice. Yes, yes he could. So, in his temporary madness, he signed up for a paramedic course on the mainland under the name "Duke Harper", came up with a fake story for his burns, and jumped on the boat to his new life. It wasn't easy, but he eventually got used to his new life, his new name. He was no longer "Daniel Holland: Paranormal Victim"; no, he was "Duke Harper: Paramedic in Training". Now, years later, he arrived here in the small costal village of PokeCoast; a qualified Paramedic and ready to start a new life, a better life.

Relationship status: Forever alone Single
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