DrG - Jazlyn Miller Picture

Name: Jazlyn Chantelle Miller
Year: Junior
Age: 17
Race: Abatwa
From: New Orlando, Lewisiana, USA
Jazlyn, the loudmouthed girl from New Orlando, is in her junior year at Dr. Goodenough’s. Although she is short (only 60 centimeters tall), she always has something to say, and is quite known for talking back to both students and sometimes teachers. Her father, Marcus Miller, is the vice mayor of New Orlando, and that’s something Jazlyn doesn’t hesitate to pull out in tight spots. Her elephant ant, which she named Queenie when she was three, doesn’t hesitate to fight alongside her if necessary. She likes R’n’B, dancing and honey-flavored lollipops.

Race info:
Abatwa is a race from Africa. They are born with an elephant ant, which each individual has a bond to. They grow and live together and rarely leave eachothers sides. They now what the other one is feeling and thinking, and by the time they both have grown to full adults (the age of 26) the Abatwa is able to ride on the ant. If the Abatwa, or the elephant ant, dies the other will die too at the longest a week afterwards. Abatwa are short, only around 60 cm/1'9".


Third. Yes, I'm getting these out too fast for my own good. First a lot of months without any art submitted and now three in 24 hours. Yep. I have inspiration again (+ I figured out how to work my scanner and paint.net).

She has not shaved the hair on her sides. The abatwa only grow hair in the middle.

Yaay, gradients!

Yazlyn, Dr. Goodenough's (C)
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