Verity- Faye Daughter of Hecate Picture

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OC App Sheet (All her info here)

Name: Verity-Faye
Age: 14
Year: 2
Cabin/Parent: Hecate
Weapon: Asteri (star), a necklace with a star shaped charm that transforms into a sword.
Likes: Animals,being alone, reading/writing, using magic
Dislikes: People, people who try not to be themselves to fit in, when people misuse their abilities, Kids
Appearance: Obvious
History: When she was younger, til the age of 12, she lived with her father. He was a poor, but kind and attractive man who was a magician for magic shows. They lived in an R.V and V-F (Verity-Faye) attended local public schools, getting expelled a lot due to the fact that when angered, she could transform people into animals(on accident). Then at 13 (already at Camp Half-Blood because her father said she had to go there after a particular incident), she felt rather lonely, but figured instead of indulging in human friendships, why not befriend those of which have no voice (animals). She kind of went a bit gothic at that point, blurting out depressing things and wearing darker clothes. She learned to fight well because of her feistiness and drive.
Relationships: Christopher:Status-Friend (bio coming soon), Marie and Mary: Status- Friend (bios coming soon)
Extras: She is kind of emo/ goth in a way but usually is just normal. Doesn't like romance at ALL! Has a magic kitty named Winkie.

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