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I N T R O D U C T I O N :

If you have seen any other pictures of this series, and read this introduction, please skip ahead!

This is one of the nine character sketches for the characters from my upcoming graphic novel: DOOM OVER THE WORLD: THE SUICIDE MISSION. I had double trouble scanning these... First the bloody thing didn't work at all, then the scanner broke down in the middle of a scanning process. Meaning, that I got only five characters scanned and coloured. I will post the others as soon as they are ready.

These "people", and yes, I really call them people, are my most detailed characters ever. Mostly because I first developed the basics of this story some six or seven years ago, and they have developed and evolved in my mind, coming more and more detailed and their own personas... Now I know them better than most my friends! So please, if you have time, sit back and read this, it will mean a hell of a lot for me AND my imaginary friends.

This lenghty introduction of a character is broken down to three secions: 1) Introduction (you're reading it, duh), 2) Character Information (about the fictional life and status of the character); and 3) The Origins (about the process of how I happened to create this character, it's variations and influences, etc.

But first, a word or two about the world of Doom Over the World. The story is set into the year 3500+, years after sexual revolution, which released the people from the chains of sexual bigotry and hypocrisity. It was caused mainly for four different reasons:
The slow and painful death of major religions,
The collapsing of the Nations of world causing the peoples mingling together into the rather freeminded rule of giant cities
The termination of all sexual diseases; and
The fact that people were no longer given birth in the natural sense, but rather developed in a laboratory from the chosen genes.
During this time in our history, people lived in gigantic cities (yes, yes, thanks a lot, Judge Dredd!); more like nations, in the protective bubbles in the middle of huge waste deserts. These cities are all autonomical.
---Except that about ten years before the story begins, a huge mega corporation called E.F.C.S. (Earth Force, Command and Security) won all it's competitors and took got the monopoly of weapon manufacture, security services, techonogy development and similar stuff. It soon became more powerfull than old nations were... And started taking over the cities. The corporation take a stand for "family-friendly" and traditional values, and "taking out the carbage" as it's mission.
Not everybody were happy with the actions of this all powerful company. A group of underground outlaw mercenaries called FF is suddenly sweapt into a battle for not only their own survival, but for the rights of their fellow person.


C H A R A C T E R I N F O R M A T I O N :

Freedom Fighters


Anything or nothing, doesn't matter.

Loki has been trained from his infantry to become the perfection of human nature physically and mentally. He masters over 27 different combat arts and knows all normal weapons. He can also endure an enormous quantities of pain.

Loki's personal life is an easy one to explain: he doesn't got one. Loki is strong-willed, but doesn't like the company of others and is guessed to be unsure of himself in anything that doesn't have anything to do with fighting. All the emotions that he has he tries to hide behind his trademark mask. Anyway, during missions he is, no matter the great pressures, calm and objective. Loki is a brilliant stradegist who cannot trust other people. He is known for never removing his mask. Even his sister doesn't know his face.


Mercantar, sector 5.

Beast (twin sister).

Loki was adopted by the criminal gang The Blue Bastards after similar group, BioKillers, killed his parents and took his sister. Loki was personally trained and growed by the leader of whole group: a man called Strike. Strike was set to train him his predecessor, as he saw a great potential in the youngster.

Loki was named after an Asgårdian trickster deity, but he did not know this until he met one of the organisation's whores called Valkyria, whose sister, Norna, was interested immensely about mythology and history.

Loki fell in love with both of them, and also about the things Norna was studying. But Strike didn't tolerate anything to take away the concentration of his boy, so he betrayed both Norna and Valkyria to the bribed police force of Mercantar. Sisters got barely away to the city of Glorus, thinking that Loki had betrayed them.

Soon after this Strike died, and Loki inherited The Blue Bastards. But another gang, BioKillers, much more brutal and out-of-control, challenged their position. After long and unsuccesful wars they made an agreement, and so Loki met the leader of BioKillers, Beast, whom he could not guess was in fact his sister.

Loki and Beast swore they would take care of each other after this. A promise that would put into a test not a long after, as the still young but growingly powerful corporation, E.F.C.S., started to conquer the so-called "dirty, evil town" of Mercantar. Loki and Beast ran away and Loki took the loss of his town and his whole life quite bitterly.

In a tube transporter that took them closer and closer to the heart of E.F.C.S., the city of Capital, Loki and Beast met an outlaw savage, Gno'Ur'Nukk, whom Beast named as Shadow. He had also lost his future because of E.F.C.S., so the three of them decided to hang together. Loki and Beast, two completely different men, became ultimately close friend despite all their differences. Shadow is perhaps the only one that Loki trusts and who he tells his most feared secrets.

Loki took over an anchient, deserted factory, that was for some error left undemolished. That was to be their hiding place and homebase. And soon other legendary names were to follow them into the servise of yet-nameless FF.

At what point and why Loki started wearing his famous mask, is unknown.


T H E O R I G I N S :
The character of Loki comes mainly from two different sources. First one is one of my junior high school friend, who used to draw with his unnatural skill those tough, rough, quite clinteastwoodian male characters. He also himself favoured similar clothers in his appaearance. The clothing style, hairdo and body shape of Loki are taken from him, as an gratitude for his friendship. Also, Loki's original name was Worm, which storywise makes absolutely no sense, but was derived from this friend's affection of the worms from the videogame "Worms", who he also liked to draw. A

The other source of Loki came from our bathroom door. We have that kinda wooden door, that has those natural shapes of wood in it. And as a child and even now, when I sit in the toilet, I like to watch those weird forms on the door. One of them looked like a man wearing an skull mask. Although, that figure seemed to have long hair and a separate jaw piece, the image of an skull in front of an fac struck me somehow, and I decided to give it to the basic "leader character" of this story, to give him some menace and mystery. Also one influense was Batman Forever, where a gang member is seen with a large skull painted over his face.

The original concept for Loki, or Worm, was much as it is drawn here, minus once again the details. I think he was supposed to have two utility belts instead of one, and his hair was supposed to be natural blonde instead of that red. His skull mask had originally eye holes, but I soon found out that it would be more effective to leave the whole upper face covered.

Loki was the first character I draw in senior high school. In junior high school I didn't draw him at all, so it was about time. Then I created all those weird things he has, like the triangle-shaped gloves, that mini-cape and metal shild on his shoulder.
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