Human Mlp Ocs Picture

New, Old and adopted oc's. A shit ton of mlp oc's I had dug up and found.

I need to draw real pics of these guys using a style I've been attempting to develop for this because to be honest drawing the actual mlp style is a bitch without bases. XD

SO Here they are!

And links lD

Row 1:

1: old old old original character re-modelled with a new purpose.
Originally intended to be named Candyfloss and be a sweets shop owning pony, I had changed her cutie mark and her look just a bit to better fit being my own pony-sona. Thus rendering her nameless for the time being.

(Really irritated because I can't figure out the thumbnail thing for this lD)

Old design and Old account…

Top Left…

Design (c) owodoomkitty

2: Flowergarden is again a pony very very recently returned to me from someone who had adopted her quite some time ago, I'm very very glad hey did to be honest because I had been admiring her a while before they had returned her and almost regretted selling her. But I now have her back and can include her in my story >u<

Flavor text~
She owns a flower shop and tends to her garden out back, she appears very elegant and beautiful and is very quiet and introverted though not shy and doesn't mind getting dirty in the name of gardening. She's a bit strange like her friend Sakura Blossom, whom shares in many of her interests.

Top Left…

Design (c) owodoomkitty

3: Frigid Heart, Recently created after I'd seen the first Real snowstorm hit Dallas since moving down here. It was lovely, and yet dangerous at the same time. It sparkled in the light, annnnd caused terror and crashes at night. After coming to the agreement that winter was both "fucked up" and beautiful, (referencing the fan-made mlp music video "Winter's fucked up") I had created this little guy to be the "Jack Frost" of my story and the cause of the annoying/fun weather.

Top Second from the left.…

Design (c) owodoomkitty

4: My Kirin, I still don't have a name for him but he's supposed to be a kind of ponified version of a friend of mine with a kind of bad attitude hehehe lD but turned into somepony else with an equally bitter nature that primarily spawns from dislike in western ponies and unicorns.

middle, Far left.…

Design (c) owodoomkitty

5: Sakura Blossom was adopted recently, but not too recently when I had first gotten into the show but didn't really know how to go about making my own characters at the time. So, here she is. I'm a sucker for pink ponies. lD

Flavor text~
Sakura's talent is creating herbs and such for new natural beauty products for her sister. She loves gardening like Flower Garden, but mixes and makes herbal remedies with what she grows, often purchasing ingredients from others for certain herbal medicines and loves to experiment with different things. she's soft spoken, shy, and is frightened by crowds of too many people. She prefers to keep to herself especially when working. Opposite from her sister whom is very loud, friendly and outgoing.…

Design (c) CutePetShop

Row 2:

6: Batter Bottom, yeah.... I'm probably gonna change the name... XD but I think it's very cute. I created this for an adopt as well, but wound up keeping her when no one had wanted to purchase her, but I'm glad I did, I came up with quite a few ideas for how she could fit into my story, and I'm glad she's mine. x3

Flavor text~
Batter Bottom owns a bakery, pre-owned by her parents who bake cakes, pies, muffins, bread, and more often than not more practical things. She loved baking as a filly with her parents and sister.

Top, right.…

Design (c) owodoomkitty

7: Blush is yet another pink pony I had adopted, (addicted to pink here lD) who specializes in cosmetics and beauty, though she has her own idea of what is "beautiful" make-up wise.

Flavor text~
Blush's talent is make up artistry and cosmetics. She specialises in health and beauty, she's the older, but shorter sister to Sakura Blossom and uses the herbs and natural makeup/cosmetics her sister creates.


Design (c) MagicalAdoptables

8: This loving little pony in my story would more than likely be the twilight sparkle of my fanfiction, the main main of the mane's (lD bad puns, brain hurts). She looks a little bit too much like lovestruck whom I had only recently found out existed... much to my happiness and displeasure.... (mixed feelings bout this lol.) but I thought it would be good fuel for connecting my oc's to some canon ponies without getting too close to the main six and the truly famous ponies out there. She was originally based off of one of my favorite kinds of horses lD speckled Appaloosa, (my pony-sona being a spotted blanket Appaloosa (which I assume is what princess luna is? maybe?) I'm not really too sure about horse breeds however honestly. lD

Flavor text~
Yes, distant cousin to the famous hearts and hooves day loving pony herself, this little pony love's love as well, however, it's a little bit tougher getting ponies in the mood or spirit to find their one special somepony. She hopes to help couples get together by changing the weather and creating the perfect atmosphere for romance. Truly love obsessed, this little shipper will do whatever it takes, to bring ponies together from changing the atmosphere, attempting to change the weather in certain areas, setting up a few traps here and there for ponies and critters to fall into, and setting up the right music as well.


Design (c) owodoomkitty

9: Gingerbread won in a draw-to-adopt contest
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