Aporev Vahlic Picture

Pesterchum name: deathGaurdian

Typing Issue: /O.O\ one starts cawversations with owl faces and hoogely loves raven and owl puns, going out of one's way to add them where he can. You could say one's...raven mad about them, but apparently they're a hoot! One ends all cawversations with a raven head and refers to himself and hoothers as 'one' <O

Font Color: Raven Black and Snow Owl White. Like Cihuco, he set it to alternate between sentences. Naturally, the others aren't fond of this but hey, that's they're problem.

Owl & Raven (Both found in Native American signs)

Symbol: tribal design of the 2 birds, only uses the one symbol.

Mythological entity named for: Apollo, Orev, Vahana, Gaelic

Blood Color: Grape (Because in some cultures the owl is a symbol of statues)

God Tier: Seer of...some combination of Mind and Doom...probably because of being an owl and a raven. He says it's Soul, as in the owl's role of Seer of Souls and ruler of the night. Suppose the symbol does look sorda like a soul...

Owls and ravens aren't that much different, actually. Both are associated with death, darkness, secrets, and also light, intelligence, and oracles.. Likewise, being only 1 level away from the sea gave his family the same association. Could it be he's bipolar or is it just because of his cast that he goes from very very calm to snapping one's neck within seconds? Could it be the ancient meaning of both the animals being conflicting with the new meanings are manifesting themselves within him? He has the strange power to help spirits transcend different planes of reality, as is associated with the owl's role. He is often used as a messenger between the dead and the living because of this. He is very secretive as well. Naturally he also has superior night vision. His horns look roughly like the feathers on the top of a Magellan's Eagle Owl's head. It is probable they are actually feathers (because feathers, horns, hair, and nails are all made from the same thing, Keratin) and this would explain why sometimes they seem smaller and almost non-existent. Naturally, because of this, the coloration of his horns is different.

-extra info not needed-


Lughin Vahlic: Named after Odin and Lugh, he is Aporev's dancestor. The entire family is rather close and it's unknown if they're alive or dead.

The Wisest: The ancestor and a very well known philosopher, he has chosen to stay completely neutral, as he can see valid points in both systems. He doesn't speak in riddles, per-say, but the way he speaks often confuses people. He does not call himself by the name the others gave him, nor does he take it as a complement. After all, his dying words were “I know now that I know nothing.” which may or may not have been taken from an earth philosopher. That would depend how you think the time-lines work. Was matesprits with The Poet.

Morgan: His entire family line has always been connected in a rather friendly way to hers. Naturally he is the same with her. This is probably because ravens have always been associated with the Morrighan and because owls have always been associated with magic.

Cihuco: Rather close friends, probably because Vanaha is also associated with vultures. Another of those long family line things.

Sapiens: The owl lusus that took care of him, she was very beautiful and very wise. In fact, the name means “wise” in latin.

Tenebris: The male raven lusus which watched over him. He is, naturally, a black lusus (before I get complaints that they don't exist go back to Nepeta's intro in act 5 and look at her damn floor please!) They both survived thanks to Sapiens' transcend ability.

Grace and Jenny: get along very well, as they both understand the true symbolic meaning of the raven, which most do not.

Strife Portfolio: thrwdagkind

Fetch Modus Setting: Philosophy -rather hard to learn for someone who isn't naturally philosophical, you must speak of something as if it were the subject of very deep study-

Age: 7.4 Alternian Solar Sweeps (16 earth years)

Planet: Another troll whom lived on a dwarf planet between 2 others. It's probable the dwarfs didn't get destroyed because they weren't seen as a threat.

Name Breakdown (Troll) : The Greek god Apollo was heavily associated with ravens. They were seen as good luck and as messengers. In the bible Midianites defeats a king by the name Orev, which means Raven. Vanaha is a Hindu deity associated with Ravens and owls alike, and Gaelic is a Celtic Goddess whom was turned into an owl.

Name Breakdown (Pesterchum) : While ravens have long been associated with death, the owl has been associated with guardianship of the underworld in several cultures.

Personality Qualities: Wise, mysterious, secretive, and rater protective of those which he holds close. He is free to visit both dream worlds, not because of split personalities but rather because of the owl's association with dreams. He has psychic abilities as well, but he generally doesn't see a need to use them except for his fortune telling. However, in battle he choses them over weapons, for it doesn't actually hurt the other one...that is, unless he started the fight and is extremely pissed. He doesn't really care if you think he's dark and creepy or wise and odd. He is naturally very curious, as all ravens are. He knows most about the ancestors and dancestors, often communicating between generations as well as the planes of the dead and the living. Despite being rather secretive, he is also very chatty. Quite a blabber-mouth actually, but you have to figure out what he's saying before responding. Between his puns and philosophy it can be difficult. His mfamily are also tricksters, though not as bad as the Unnuto's. (As Ravens know a limit which the Hares do not) He was born with white hair, however as time went by it turned black. This is true of all of his family, and only each individual knows why it turned black. (because it is different for each of them) If you notice, he still has a few white streaks.

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