V.I.C. Gundam News Paper WIP Picture

This is still a WIP. This is a newspaper for Gundam City, a city that the main character in a new series called Vampire Investigation Chronicals. This is a relatively new. I have been trying to develop the plot to this particular series. (Info: [link])

The main character's name is Ahrianne Miller. She is running an investigation in her highschool along with her friends. Each of her friends are trying to figure out the mystery behind the mass murder that has been happening from the shadows.

All of the victims have had their blood completely drained from their bodies.

What is in fact happening is that a 3,000 year old vampire named Damien Crimzon is thirsty enough that he would hide in a secret chamber underneath Gundam High School. He has been taking several students a week in order to quench his thirst.

He has a whole list made out of a portion of the school. He has a supposed high school student named Zane Cero capture the students and bring them to him, much to his distaste.

(Zane was turned by a vampiress named Marie-Alice. She surves Damien and does whatever he wants. Zane has to follow Damien's orders as well as Marie-Alice's.)

But when it comes time for Ahrianne to be brought to Damien, Zane just can't do it. He refuses to bring her. Damien keeps killing, espeacially since Ahrianne is the head of the investigation to find the supposed 'murderer'. He hates skipping 'meals' as he would put it. He gives Zane a two week limit to bring her to him.

He refuses, so to make sure he does it. Damien has Marie-Alice injure one of their more popular teachers and Marie-Alice takes her place for the rest of the year.

Durning the next two weeks Ahrianne gets deeper and deeper into this case. By the time the last day of the two weeks passes, Ahrianne's already found the chamber. Zane tries to stop her but he doesn't succeed.

They meet Marie-Alice in the chamber. Ahrianne is confused and her confusion worsens when Damien comes out. Zane tries to defend her as Marie-Alice holds him back.

Just to Piss Zane off, Damien decides to use Ahrianne as his *blood doll.

When Damien bites her, he realizes her blood is anything but ordinary. He forces her to go to school the next day and lie.

That is all of the development I have gotten through so far. I am working on more. You will just have to wait for the chapters to see what happens.

*Blood Doll: Someone that a vampire can feed on when ever they find it convienient.

And about the news paper. This is the Front Page main delema column. The only column that is important is the one written by Ahrianne. Here is what it reads:

Gundam Murder
By Ahrianne Miller

This is something far from ordinary. Investigation teams are baffled. Nothing normal could be happening. There is only two minor incisions on the victim's neck. That would not be enough to allow them to bleed to death.
The cause of death for the victim was in fact that he was drained of his blood. Investigators are still trying to fathom the facts here. One: There is no way that small incisions on the neck would allow a high school student to bleed to death. And Two: They were bled dry!
I have my top workers on this case. None of which have been able to understand the situation any more than I have been able to myself. Me and another have been trying to investigate further, but all facts remain. We are at a dead end.
We are racing against our adversaries to beat this murderer before they beat us. The only way we can do this is if we look past the science and maybe even into the impossible for a few minutes. If you don't think so, think about this.
It is scientifically impossible to bleed to death of such small scale wounds. These incisions were not deep. In fact, they were almost healed. There was also no blood in the locker in which the victim was found. This also means the discovery site of the body was not it's death site. This only leads me to believe that this murderer has a way to drain the blood of it's vicitms. This also means this is no ordinary murder case. This is only going to get even more dangerous. So I'm warning you: Stay out of the way or someone's going to get hurt.

There are also 10 of her friends on this case:

Lead Main Investigator: Ahrianne & Zane(Against)
-Arianne and Zane both go out and look where the leads come from. They are in the most dangerous postions.
Lead Gatherer: Ciara & Steve
-Ciara and Steve listen around for where the body was said to be found first. They listen around for rumors about where the most deaths are or where most of the people where found and start from there.
Case Monitor: Megan & Chris
-Megan and Chris are the main informants of the deaths. They give the information about the student and the whereabouts of the discovery of the body. Megan handles the information of the student; Chris handles the whereabouts of the body.
Crime Scene Investigator: Mora & Leon
-They investigate the crime scene. They take blood samples, they investigate the site, and usually try to pull hypotheses out of these factors.
Scientist: Sammy
-Sammy is the biologist. She investigates the body and draws conclusions from the injuries.
Field Scientist: Jet
-Jet checks for any possible finger prints, any weird things around the body's discovery site, and ect.


Series Idea (c) Scooby Doo Movie (Forgot which one, it was a cartoon movie though)
Plot (c) ~SereneUchiha & ~akatsuki4
Characters (c) ~SereneUchiha & ~akatsuki4
Series (c) Me
Vampires (c) Mythology
News Paper Layout (c) Windows Movie Maker (Title Affect)

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