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Name: Zoun Chioni (Zone Kee-oh-nee) Its means 'living snow' in greek. (or that what I got when I typed it in google translator >M<')
Age: 17; Born in October, 1994.
Race:snow nymphs.
additional info Snow nymphs live in the high mountains or mainly where it is cool. Not many people know of these type of nymphs. Snow nymphs like any other kind nymphs are born by nature.And if you’ve read greek mythology, you would know nymphs are spirit, basically and can be dangerous when angered easily if threatened ; can not help but have a seductive appeal. They are very sweet unless you destroy their home/habitat or get too close for their liking.

Appearance Snow nymphs look like humans but with extremely pale skin and pointy ears.Their skin is smooth and a little cold to the touch. Their hair and eyes range to colors from grey to pure white. They are usually calm but can be very dangerous if threatened, hurt or scared. Humans don't usually recognize them because they look so similar.

It is easier for snow nymphs to blend in with humans because of their outer appearance. But it is hard for them to be close with any human because of their skin being so cool to the touch. They try to avoid physically touching anything that can easily be frozen.

Their diet is like a humans but they try to avoid eating anything that consisted of really hot temperatures or they would try and cooling it down before eating it. They do avoid eating a lot of salt.

Ability's are controlling snow and ice. They can freeze lakes and water. Make icicles form after it rains or any running water. It is easy for them to make it snow during a rainy day.

Attracted to music of any kind but proffer calming or up beat songs.

Bio Zoun is born from two snow nymph, and lived in Greenland til' she was 10

Her mother and father settled down near a small village ,up in the mountains called Zoomack. She was a secluded child and like to play with the animals that would come out when she would play music on her violin. She had a nice home and a small family, it all seemed peaceful, but one night her family and home soon went up in flame (will put up the story up later). She left her home and traveled around the country.

For the next four years Zoun traveled alone. She would stop at a town for a while and play her violin for money to pay for clothes and food. It was easy when she was around clubs or other popular places that would have male audiences. She knew that because of her being a nymph men would feel more attracted to her. This especially worked when she hit fourteen. The males that would come around her would tip her more. She used this to her advantage. When any male ,man or boy, see come up to her, she would look at them for a second when she was playing and then give them a wink or look down as if she was shy to get their attention. It work for a while. Til she got caught by one of the teen boy's girlfriends and was about to get in a fight with said girlfriend. She didn't stay there for long and started to travel again.
For the next three years Zoun traveled around to small villages and cities til she finally soon gave up on the free life in the human world and wanted to live in place with other outcasts and maybe learn a few thing about herself while so she applied for Outcast academy.

Personality Zoun is mostly calm and collective. She loves to play in the snow. When she thinks no one is outside with her and she is alone she like to hum or play her violin and dance.
dislikes - to have a lot of unwanted attention on her.
She doesn't like being to close to fights.
She does not like being called Zoon, Zoom any thing like that; she does not like nick names.
She does not like it when some messes with her violin.

likes does like to play her violin when she is alone.
She loves getting new sheet music.
She likes to go outside and play with the animals when the temperature is cool for her to go out.
She likes the taste of cold lemonade or blueberry snow cones.

-sunlight- if she stays in the sun to long she will get sick. If she does not have shade or any water she may faint.
-fighting skills- she sucks at fighting. She has never had any training.
-social- she can be a bit awkward if she doesn't know what you are talking about.
-salt- It burns her skin if rubbed or thrown on her.

Talents Zoun can play the violin very well, just give her a song and she can try and copy it on the violin. If she gets annoyed or mad at anyone she can freeze a persons feet to the ground or drop the temperature around her. She can speak an Inuit-Aleut dialect (aka - kalaallisst) and Danish and English (Yes I looked this up right here.)

Additional info
-She does have a pet that she has had since she was 12; but she could never figured out what he was. She thinks it is some type of shadow pet but can never get near it to find out. It mostly comes and goes when ever it wants. She calls it Blay just to call it something.

Name: Blay
Body Length: 4'3 if stretched, 2'4 when wrapped in a ball.
Thickness of body: ... as thick as an average mans arm.
Wing length: 1'5 feet long. He hes a small thing ... steel don't know what to call him.
Other info of pet: -Blay looks like a lizard with wings (with out the back legs) [link]
-It comes and goes.
-Sometimes it would come out when Zoun is playing her violin.
-It doesn't seem to like anyone that becomes a threaten to her or is someone that Zoun does not know.
-Its powers are a mystery to Zoun, all that she knows is that it makes a loud screeching noise when it feels threatened and can go through walls without effort.
-Blays screeching can possibly knock some one out if he was tempted by a very dangerous threat.

Preferred dorm Glacier dorm

That's what i have for the application. Hope it gets in. ^.^'
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